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Roof Installation & Replacement

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tile_roofingThere’s more to building a roof than just style and color. A wide range of materials are readily available and a number of things will affect the cost of a new roof: Material, the condition of the existing roof, and shape of the roof, for starters. Also, a house with multiple chimneys, intersecting rooflines, turrets, skylights, or other elements will cost significantly more to roof.

Materials – Not every roofing material can be used on every roof, but here’s a list of possible options:

  • Asphalt Shingle is the most commonly used of all roof materials as it’s the least expensive.     The standard single-thickness costs roughly half as much as the thicker laminated shingles, but last roughly half as long (typically 15 years versus 25 years plus).
  • Wood was the main choice for centuries, and it’s still a good option, though in some areas fire codes forbid its use. They last as long as laminated shingles but cost twice as much.
  • Metal such as aluminum, steel, copper, copper-and-asphalt, and lead are all durable and expensive roofing surfaces.
  • Tile and Cement half cylinders are common on Spanish Colonial and Mission styles. All are expensive, very durable, and tend to be very heavy.
  • Slate is among the most durable of all roofing materials but is also expensive and very heavy.

Whatever your choice of roofing surface, you will probably need flashing. Good flashing work is essential to keeping a structure watertight, as the most likely place for leakage to occur is where different materials meet.

For most roofing, a synthetic underlayment paper is rolled on before the shingles are nailed in place. In snowy areas, a snow and ice shield membrane may also be laid.

Call the experts at Advanced Property Contractors LLC to help with your roofing project!


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