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Why Fall Clean-Up is Important


Fall brings with it the changing of colors and beautiful landscapes. Eventually those bright leaves fall off the trees creating a fun play environment for children and pets. This also means a lot of necessary clean-up work which shouldn’t be skipped.

Why do you need to clean-up those leaves?

  • Your grass and plants need sunlight to thrive. Leaving leaves on the lawn deprives them of this and will cause brown and/or dead patches.
  • Similar to sunlight, oxygen is vital to the health of your lawn. Leaves on the lawn suffocate your grass plants.
  • Moisture is trapped within the turf underneath the leaves which can create fungus issues.

What else is important in a final fall clean-up?

  • Have your lawn mowed shorter than normal (around 3 inches). This will help to prevent fungus issues.
  • Prevent snow and ice damage to your hedges and shrubs by trimming them one last time. It will also offer a neat winter appearance to your property.
  • Eliminate the likelihood of pest issues by pruning dead wood or cross branches.
  • Remove all leaves, branches, twigs and debris from lawn and planting beds.
  • Help promote growth in the spring by “dead-heading” perennial flowers.
  • Mulch should be turned and roughed up for a neat appearance and to eliminate any mold that may be setting in.

Promote healthy turf growth in the Spring by applying Fall fertilizer. A complete fall clean-up is the key to preparing your landscape for a long winters nap and ensuring that it awakes happy and healthy in the spring. Putting in the time or money for a proper fall clean-up will pay off come spring with a beautiful and healthy yard!

Call the experts, Advanced Property Contractors LLC at 585-943-9707, to schedule your complete fall clean-up.

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Turf Management

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For those of you sports lovers, teammates and onlookers, the idea of turf management, or pitchcare, isn’t something you probably worry much about. For those whose responsibility it is to manage the sporting pitch and get it ready for use, however, there are various types of challenges each sporting pitch presents.  It is our job, as your landscape professional, to identify and address these challenges.

Anything from mowing to irrigation or thatch management – our expertise in this industry can help you prepare. Call to set up a consultation today!

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Hiring your Snow Plow Contractor

Snowplow truckTake hiring your snow plow contractor seriously-they are coming to work at your home or business! This should be someone trustworthy, and someone who is insured. The job itself requires an individual who is motivated and reliable. Someone who will crawl out of bed when all others are sleeping and drive in dangerous conditions to ensure you can exit your driveway and make it to work & other engagements each day. Or, someone who keeps your business lot clear so customers can get in. Some key tips:

  • Ask for an estimate so you know what cost to expect in advance
  • Sometimes paths and stairs need to be cleared. Or salted. Talk about it at the beginning of the season & make sure this price is reflected on the proposal.
  • Contracts should spell out if they’re per trip or seasonal. Most contractors will offer both options. They should have a start and end date.
  • Evidence of insurance may be requested.
  • Feel comfortable asking for references!

Advanced Property Contractors LLC has the best equipment designed for tough winter conditions making them a great choice for handling your snow plowing needs this season!

Basement Remodeling Tips

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When you require more living space or have a specific room need finishing the basement is a simple, cost-effective alternative to adding square footage to your house. And, since this is a uniquely quiet, private space that stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter than above ground rooms it can be the best area for certain needs.

First, you must determine what the basement will be used for. Home office, guest room, media room, kids playroom, craft area, or in-law apartment, are some popular choices for your finished basement. Whatever your decision you should focus on a layout that adds convenience, organization, and function to your home.

The next step is planning and measuring. Having a reputable contractor, such as Advanced Property Contractors LLC, involved at this stage is important so measurements are accurate and the layout of can be designed with your plan in mind. Basements present challenges – small windows, low ceilings, structural columns, pipes, but with the right budget and contractor all can be overcome and transformed into assets.

Tips for Down Under:

  • Maximize window area for emergency escape and maximum daylight.
  • Use a lot of artificial lighting-a basement should be lit more heavily than above-grade areas.
  • Replace existing main floor door leading to the basement with a French door for more light and safety (no swinging doors when walking upstairs).
  • Add an emergency egress escape where no previous escape existed.
  • Slightly shorten doors and jambs or use smaller moldings to make the ceiling seem higher and walls seem taller.
  • Tile is the prime choice for low maintenance and durability. Also, unlike carpet, tile doesn’t hold moisture.
  • Add a new separate heating zone with its own thermostat.
  • An extra full bathroom is now considered a must.

Having a budget in mind and sticking to it is key, and your contractor can help you figure out how much everything will cost. Call Advanced Property Contractors LLC for your free basement remodel estimate today!

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Roof Installation & Replacement

tile_roofingThere’s more to building a roof than just style and color. A wide range of materials are readily available and a number of things will affect the cost of a new roof: Material, the condition of the existing roof, and shape of the roof, for starters. Also, a house with multiple chimneys, intersecting rooflines, turrets, skylights, or other elements will cost significantly more to roof.

Materials – Not every roofing material can be used on every roof, but here’s a list of possible options:

  • Asphalt Shingle is the most commonly used of all roof materials as it’s the least expensive.     The standard single-thickness costs roughly half as much as the thicker laminated shingles, but last roughly half as long (typically 15 years versus 25 years plus).
  • Wood was the main choice for centuries, and it’s still a good option, though in some areas fire codes forbid its use. They last as long as laminated shingles but cost twice as much.
  • Metal such as aluminum, steel, copper, copper-and-asphalt, and lead are all durable and expensive roofing surfaces.
  • Tile and Cement half cylinders are common on Spanish Colonial and Mission styles. All are expensive, very durable, and tend to be very heavy.
  • Slate is among the most durable of all roofing materials but is also expensive and very heavy.

Whatever your choice of roofing surface, you will probably need flashing. Good flashing work is essential to keeping a structure watertight, as the most likely place for leakage to occur is where different materials meet.

For most roofing, a synthetic underlayment paper is rolled on before the shingles are nailed in place. In snowy areas, a snow and ice shield membrane may also be laid.

Call the experts at Advanced Property Contractors LLC to help with your roofing project!