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Outdoor Custom Sheds

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Outdoor storage sheds make an excellent place to stash all that stuff that’s preventing you from parking your car in your garage; a practical solution for storing lawnmowers, lumber, bicycles, gardening tools, ladders, and all the stuff we otherwise cram into the garage or pile up outside. You can even choose to hook up running water and electricity to make it a summer escape!

Here’s what you should know before you start building:


  • Most towns require you to apply for and receive a building permit before starting construction.
  • Selecting the right site is an important first step as excess moisture can rot wood, rust hinges, blister paint, and promote the growth of mold and mildew. The ideal building site should be relatively level, dry, and easily accessible.
  • Proper materials are key to creating a sound foundation:
  • Untreated construction lumber may cost less, but in time it’ll rot. Another way to prevent water from rotting your shed is to build it at least 6 inches above the ground so fresh air can circulate underneath.
  • Two entrances can make it easier to reach items that might be in the back once your shed is full.

Some parts of shed-building are simply too time-consuming and exhausting to do yourself; clearing rocks, trees, and thick underbrush, leveling an uneven building site, or digging postholes, for example. Call your local landscape contractor & construction expert, Advanced Property Contractors, LLC, to help!


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