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Why Fall Clean-Up is Important

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Fall brings with it the changing of colors and beautiful landscapes. Eventually those bright leaves fall off the trees creating a fun play environment for children and pets. This also means a lot of necessary clean-up work which shouldn’t be skipped.

Why do you need to clean-up those leaves?

  • Your grass and plants need sunlight to thrive. Leaving leaves on the lawn deprives them of this and will cause brown and/or dead patches.
  • Similar to sunlight, oxygen is vital to the health of your lawn. Leaves on the lawn suffocate your grass plants.
  • Moisture is trapped within the turf underneath the leaves which can create fungus issues.

What else is important in a final fall clean-up?

  • Have your lawn mowed shorter than normal (around 3 inches). This will help to prevent fungus issues.
  • Prevent snow and ice damage to your hedges and shrubs by trimming them one last time. It will also offer a neat winter appearance to your property.
  • Eliminate the likelihood of pest issues by pruning dead wood or cross branches.
  • Remove all leaves, branches, twigs and debris from lawn and planting beds.
  • Help promote growth in the spring by “dead-heading” perennial flowers.
  • Mulch should be turned and roughed up for a neat appearance and to eliminate any mold that may be setting in.

Promote healthy turf growth in the Spring by applying Fall fertilizer. A complete fall clean-up is the key to preparing your landscape for a long winters nap and ensuring that it awakes happy and healthy in the spring. Putting in the time or money for a proper fall clean-up will pay off come spring with a beautiful and healthy yard!

Call the experts, Advanced Property Contractors LLC at 585-943-9707, to schedule your complete fall clean-up.


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