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Hiring your Snow Plow Contractor

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Snowplow truckTake hiring your snow plow contractor seriously-they are coming to work at your home or business! This should be someone trustworthy, and someone who is insured. The job itself requires an individual who is motivated and reliable. Someone who will crawl out of bed when all others are sleeping and drive in dangerous conditions to ensure you can exit your driveway and make it to work & other engagements each day. Or, someone who keeps your business lot clear so customers can get in. Some key tips:

  • Ask for an estimate so you know what cost to expect in advance
  • Sometimes paths and stairs need to be cleared. Or salted. Talk about it at the beginning of the season & make sure this price is reflected on the proposal.
  • Contracts should spell out if they’re per trip or seasonal. Most contractors will offer both options. They should have a start and end date.
  • Evidence of insurance may be requested.
  • Feel comfortable asking for references!

Advanced Property Contractors LLC has the best equipment designed for tough winter conditions making them a great choice for handling your snow plowing needs this season!


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